About Us

Our mission is simple: we help film makers, record companies and musicians make money from their film and music. 

As our name suggests, Digital 1 Retail started in 2015 as an online CD store — and we’ve grown to become:

  • Global digital distributor of independent film and music,
  • the largest publishing rights administrator in the world,
  • one of the most trusted names in the music business,
  • and the go-to resource for educational information concerning film and music distribution, and rights management.

Digital 1 represents recording artists, songwriters and film makers. We pay out to independent film makers, musicians, songwriters, and labels for:

  • streams and download sales on over 500 popular digital music platforms (like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Pandora, etc.)
  • CD and vinyl sales
  • YouTube ad revenue
  • sync licensing fees
  • worldwide publishing royalty collection, including mechanical royalties for streams
  • and more

When you shop at d1retail.com, you’ll find the best and most unique music from around the world, by film makers, record companies and artists who set their own prices, control their own rights, and earn a higher percentage per sale than through any other retailer.

When you partner with Digital 1 to sell, license, or otherwise monetize your own music, you’ll know you’re working with an film maker and artist-focused company that has been at the forefront of opening new revenue streams to non-label musicians for the past 20 years. Any time a new opportunity arises for your music, we’re there.

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